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Comparing gun laws in Indiana, Illinois, and Texas

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Gun violence claiming more lives of American teens, children

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- This month, the suspect in the Texas shooting legally bought two semi automatic rifles and 375 rounds of ammunition. He had just turned 18.

This shooting has drawn out strong reaction from advocates on both sides of the gun law debate. It's led many people to look at all gun laws in their own states.

From concealed carry, to permitting and background checks, some people think change is needed across the board.

Starting July 1st, Indiana is dropping its gun carry permit requirement. While it wasn't applicable in this case, some law enforcement officers feel it puts communities at risk.

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Vigo County Sheriff John Plasse shares his concerns about this new law. 

"I hope that we don't see any tragedy because of that because it ties law enforcement hands when we cant see if someone is legally able to carry a gun" shares Plasse. 

Meanwhile, Illinois does requires a permit, as well as a background check to purchase firearms. These states have restrictions on felons, people with protection orders against them and people with certain mental health conditions.

Red flag laws are another form of gun control that people are discussing. Those laws prevent people from buying guns who show signs of being a threat. Law enforcement can take away an person's gun if they feel it is necessary.

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Illinois and Indiana both have laws like these in place, but Texas does not.

"Anyone that's not fit to have a gun shouldn't have a gun but the law abiding citizens I'm 100% supportive of that because they help us when we're doing our job."

If you feel passionate one way or the other about gun laws you should contact legislators. 

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