You’re not bidding on antiques…you’re bidding on a funeral!

Members in Sullivan had an unusual auction to raise money for an old cemetery.

Posted: Apr 14, 2019 7:39 PM
Updated: Apr 14, 2019 10:44 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - It’s not your typical auction. Some people in Sullivan are calling this Indiana’s most unusual auction and rightfully so.

People aren’t bidding on cars or collectibles. They're bidding on things for the afterlife!

The Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan, Indiana is almost 150 years old. The Grim Reaper is starting to close in on this landmark.

“We have a unique cemetery out there and we can’t neglect it,” superintendent for the cemetery Dick Crooks said. He, as well as many others, have noticed there are critical problems that need to be addressed.

The drain that is underneath the arch is collapsing. The roads are also a problem and they continue to get worse. Both projects would be costly to the city, so community members took matters into their own hands. Crooks had an idea that was to die for.

“We are a cemetery and what do cemeteries have to offer? Facilities for the deceased,” he said.

That’s where the idea of an auction, luncheon and fundraiser came into play.

All the money raised at this event is going towards the needed repairs.

People could bid on things like paintings or even complete funerals!

This got the attention of many people in Sullivan, especially Beth Myers. She’s lived in Sullivan her whole life and felt it was right to help Crooks pull this unusual event off.

“It’s not always about death. It’s about love there and we want to honor our past relatives,” said Myers.

If you would like to donate here’s how:

You can write a check out to the Center Ridge Cemetery Manufacture Fund. 

The address is 704 West Johnson St. Sullivan, IN 47882.

Organizers say they plan to host additional fundraisers in the future.

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