'Y' make waves talks partnership with other pools in town

Ever since the YMCA officially closed, one group has been working hard to find a place to exercise and socialize.

Posted: Jan 9, 2019 11:25 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) — Last year Vigo County School Corporation superintendent Haworth announced the aquatic center would be open for lap swimming on certain days to the public.

Now, Haworth has met the group Y make waves to talk about their newfound partnership.

“He was very receptive to that and had many good ideas for our approach and movement forward,” Brend Williams, Y make waves member said.

One of those is having high school juniors and seniors work at the center on a work-release basis.

That way the center could potentially be open more.

The group has been trying for months to make some kind of pool available.

“We didn’t think it would take this long to be where we are now,” Williams said. “Without a pool open.”

Wednesday morning Rose Hulman opened up its pool to the YMCA community as well for water aerobics.

They said at least 25 people showed up there.

“It really showed the evidence that these people really were serious about wanting water,” Pat Bringman, a Y make waves member said. “These people are wanting our community pool back.”

Williams said about 400 people used the Y every day when the pool was open.

She said even with the help from these facilities it’s just not the same.

“Right now there are probably 50 people who make use of the Rose Hulman pool in some way and I would imagine there will probably be 50 people who make use of the lap swimming at the aquatic center,” Williams said. “That’s leaves, 300 people.”

Both ladies said they are very thankful for their partnerships with Rose Hulman and Vigo County schools.

But, both facilities say if it comes down to it they’re students and programs do come first.

So, the Y make waves group is working hard to re-open the YMCA pool.

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