Washington high school kicks off workplace simulation project

Students from Washington high school participated in a program at Daviess Community Hospital.

Posted: Feb 27, 2019 6:41 PM

WASHINGTON, Ind. (WTHI) - Madison Orchard is a senior at Washington high school. She currently enrolled in the biomedical class.

Orchard says, "Actually I am thinking about majoring in biology, maybe going into forensics or something like that. Which is why I chose Biomed as a class."

Orchard is one of 40 students taking part in the workplace simulation project.

Orchard says, "I didn't actually know what the project was going to be like going into it. So it's kind of been a surprise being thrown together in groups and having this big problem to solve and stuff like that. But I think it'll be interesting."

Students will create a plan to protect their community against a rare disease. At the end of the project, they will submit their plan to local leaders to get real feedback.

Biomedical science teacher David Harman says, "The kids learn from it and that's the whole process. The kids actually learn from it and work as a group. Work with kids that they're not working with."

Wednesday's group included students from biomedical and algebra classes. The goal was to engineer solutions to problems in the human body.

Adam Scribner with Indiana University explains, "We want students to learn in a different way here. We want students to be able to collaborate, communicate, and hopefully, that will provide skills that are adaptable or transferable to career opportunities down the road."

Students also had the chance to see the hospital at work. Orchard says the project will help her figure out her career.

Orchard says, "I didn't know there were so many people in the lab. There's like different sections for chemistry. There's another separate person that does like stool samples and like blood samples. And I thought they were trained in like all of it."

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