Local man shares how Vivitrol injections helped him break 37 years of addiction

Daniel Peters is celebrating four months sober. Part of his journey includes Vivitrol shots, counseling programs and talking to others going through the same thing.

Posted: Dec 18, 2018 10:27 PM

TERRE HAUTE Ind. (WTHI)- Those suffering from opioid addiction may have a new way to get help.

There's a new program in Terre Haute between the Sheriff's Office, Community Corrections and the Hamilton Center.

Part of that program includes fighting addiction through Vivitrol injections.

Daniel Peters has been fighting addiction for 37 years, and now he's on his way to sobriety.

Part of his journey includes the Vivitrol shots but also seeking help from others who are going through the same thing.

Peters has been drinking alcohol since the age of thirteen.

He said both of his parents were also alcoholics.

"I come from a background you know of drug and alcohol-related family," said Peters.

Along the way, he also started using heroin.

While using drugs and alcohol, Peters found himself in legal trouble.

Over the years, he's served 15 years in prison.

Peters said after recently losing his brother to suicide and drug use, he knew it was time for a change.

"I relapsed because of his suicide and I also tried to commit suicide. That's when they admitted me to the Harsha Center and I decided you know, I need help. Whatever it was going to take. I was willing to do whatever they told me to do," said Peters.

Now, he gets a Vivitrol shot once a month from his doctor.

It's a way to prevent relapses and help those dependent on the drugs lose the urge to use.

"He said you'll get a shot once a month and you'll notice that the cravings won't be there as much and if I were to try to go ahead and get drunk or get high or whatever it would block it," said Peters.

Those who get the shot must also enroll in counseling programs.

Peters is currently staying at the Odyssey House.

It's a place where you can go to live with others getting sober.

He said going through their twelve steps to sobriety program has kept him on track.

He hopes this combination will also help others.

"Everyone coming together with the twelve step program, working the steps with a sponsor you know you have a lot better chance of making it than if you don't," said Peters.

Peters said with this help, he's now celebrating nearly four months sober.

In his sobriety, Peters said he's been able to mend strained relationships with his family.

It's another positive thing that keeps him going every day.

"I'm not just doing it for myself. I'm doing it for them too, but I first have to do it for me. I can't let my mom and dad down anymore. I put them through a lot," said Peters.

Peters said it's important for those who need the help to reach out.

He hopes by sharing his story it will inspire others to stay sober.

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