Vigo County Council discusses 2020 budget

The regular meeting for the Vigo County Council looked at money for the next year.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 10:39 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -- It was a pretty lengthy agenda for Tuesday night's Vigo County Council meeting.

The Council discussed many aspects of their budget for the year 2020.

They approved for the County Clerks office to get a little more than $13,000. That would go to help with upcoming elections. It would help pay for the people who work them, for equipment used and other expenses. They had initially asked for much more, but after doing many tests with voting equipment decided on less.

They also approved for a little more than $11,000 to help with Community Corrections clean up crews. That will help keep the County clean and also help with the Community Correction find jobs to work. According to the Council, a lot of people no longer are looking for them to help. 

There were two projects from years past with leftover money. They were asked to be appropriated for different projects.

The first project is from when Sisters of Providence was building residential buildings in Terre Haute. They are now looking for the leftover money to potentially building a pharmacy and wellness center in the area as well. 

The other project was when FEMA gave the County money to help flood victims. They are now looking to use the leftover money to build a new park in Vigo County. That could also potentially include a Monarch Butterfly garden and a walkway from Terre Haute to West Terre Haute.

There were 2 things that stuck out on the agenda the most. The first was money to help fire departments across the County. 

Each one will get a disbursement to help pay for things they need and the runs they make. 

The second item was $1 million dedicated to 911 dispatch centers that were going untouched. It was asked to be moved into the general fund. 

Council President Aaron Loudermilk sais that money can be used now for so much more.

"It can be used for employee raises, it can be used for needed equipment that we previously didn't have the funding for, it can be used for enhancing services to the community," Loudermilk said. "That money still has to be requested from a specific department then come back to the council for approval before it can be used. So, the items it can be used for are endless."

Over the next month, budget committees will talk about other big things that are happening in the County.

That includes the purchase of the jail location and security center. The budget committees have the month of August to meet and discuss those. They will be coming back in front of the full council at their September meeting.

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