Vermillion County Cleanup fast approaching

Spring cleaning doesn't have to be limited to your home. Vermillion County is taking its tidying efforts county-wide! That's with the county's Cleanup Days!

Posted: Apr 9, 2019 6:32 PM
Updated: Apr 9, 2019 6:34 PM

VERMILLION CO., Ind. (WTHI) - Spring cleaning doesn't have to be limited to your home. Vermillion County is taking its tidying efforts county-wide! That's with the county's Cleanup Days!

There will be free dumpsters for appliances, furniture, and more at 3 County Highway Garages. Old televisions will be taken for a small fee. Paint or hazardous waste is not being accepted.

Some of the littlest members of the Addison family helping in Vermillion County's Cleanup Days in 2018. (Provided Photo)

There's also a huge effort for groups to adopt a road near them and pick up litter.

News 10 spoke with a few people behind the project Tuesday. They say the cleanup was a success last year, and they have even higher hopes this year.

Vermillion County Executive Director of Zoning, Penney Barton shares, "Last year we disposed of 175,000 pound of stuff. To put that in perspective, the space shuttle the Endeavor weighs approximately that much. So you think about that out of Vermillion County, out of the backyards, or roadsides, it was disposed of correctly. So we're pretty excited."

County Commissioner Tim Yocum adds, "I believe people are starting to take more ownership in the county. And start to look at their roads not only as county roads, but as their roads."

Last year there were many volunteers including service organizations, and families picking up trash. They both say that this year, you should get involved. This includes the Fantastic 4-Her's in Vermillion County.

Fantastic 4-H’er member, Knic Royer shares, "We do it as a community service project through the county every year, and we go along there and pick up the trash. It really helps the area look nice, get our county looking good."

Last year the group picked up a truckload full of trash during the Vermillion County Cleanup Days.

Then, there's Shalynne Addison. She first heard about the cleanup effort on social media. Addison home schools her kids, and used the event as a teachable moment around Earth Day last year.

She explains, "It's good for them to learn about taking care of the environment, not throwing their trash out just wherever, just being responsible. It's a good lesson for them."

That's not to mention the instant satisfaction of taking care of where you live.

The resident shares, "I just thought it would be a really good thing for us to do. Especially because this road that runs past our house is really messy. Every time we drive by we're like, 'Wow!' We see all the trash and everything people throw out."

Addison says of her kids who took part in the cleanup, the event was a major hit. She says, "They had fun, it was like a scavenger hunt kind of for them, except for you know, some of it was gross."

Now, she, and Royer are passing the challenge to clean up on to you.

Royer encourages, "It's your choice to do it, but you can be a good citizen, help out, it helps the environment, and just a nice place for you to drive through every day."

Addison adds, "It's really easy and if we can do it with a bunch of little people, I think anyone can do it."

The Cleanup Days are April 26th and 27th. If you'd like to volunteer, click here

There's also a Trash Tracker map to track roads being claimed by people to pick up litter. To view that, click here.

There will also be a Tire Recycle Day May 4th from 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. at J&R Used Tire Service. 

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