Two Knox County fire departments looking into new fire trucks

Bicknell and Vincennes Township Fire Departments are looking to replace some of their current fire trucks. Both of them come with a hefty cost but come with upgrades.

Posted: Dec 14, 2017 6:40 PM

KNOX COUNTY, Ind, (WTHI)- Bicknell Fire Department has multiple firetrucks in their fleet. Some of those trucks are beginning to show their age. Their two oldest is from 1985 and 1997.

That's why Bicknell Mayor Thomas Estabrook and the fire department has been working on replacing them. They applied for a grant to replace their ladder truck but didn't get the news they wanted.

"We were notified late this fall we were not awarded and so after that we began to plan what we were going to do moving forward," said Mayor Estabrook.

Now they are looking into a smaller truck that would cost roughly $300,000. This would replace one of these older models. It would also come with extra features to better serve the community.

"We are continually committed to making sure that public safety is priority and our firefighters have the equipment that they need. So this is really one of the primary things that local government does. That's the cost of doing business," said Estabrook.

Another department in Knox County looking for a change is the Vincennes Township Fire Department.
Department Chief Tim Smith and the rest of the department are looking to replace their departments ladder truck.

"Our oldest fire truck will actually be the one we are replacing and when it’s replaced it will be 22 years old," said Chief Smith.

The county council approved a loan of nearly a million dollars for this new fire truck. it too will come with extra features like a longer reach of its ladder.

Even though the cost is steep the chief says it is well worth the price to save lives.

"We want the best we can afford and we want to provide the best service and the most amount of safety to our fire fighters and to our customers who are the people who are experiencing problems at the time they call 911," said Smith.

Both departments haven't purchased any firetrucks yet but once they do it may take over a full year before they get the new equipment.

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