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'They take care of the county, we take care of the city and it'll be all good...' Trans-Care contract may leave some gray area for the city of Terre Haute

Vigo County Commissioners signed a 10-year contract with Ambulance Service Trans-Care.

Posted: Dec. 12, 2018 10:25 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -- Yesterday County Commissioners said they were excited about their new agreement with Trans-care Ambulance service.

They said they worked through issues surrounding the lawsuit.

Today Chief Fisher said there's still a gray area for the City of Terre Haute. 

In the state of Indiana, there's a code. 

"No County can respond to county buildings that reside inside the city limits without consent," Terre Haute Fire Chief Jeff Fisher said. "To my knowledge, there's never been an agreement." 

That's where Chief Fisher gets concerned.

He says there could be confusion over who is supposed to respond to calls at county buildings in the city.

"We make a lot of runs to the jail to the annex, whatever. If it's a fire tun my firetrucks respond not the volunteers, not the county department," Fisher said. "My firetrucks respond and if an ambulance is responding to those buildings then it should be my ambulances." 

Right now, the city is responding to those calls.

Fisher said he's worried trans-care ambulance could be dispatched ahead of city ambulances.

THFD would want trans-care to be called off. Which could mean a lag in response times. 

"They'll request a Terre Haute City Ambulance. We get there quicker. We don't know where a trans-care ambulance is coming from," he said. "I'm not putting down trans-care they got good people they have good leadership. I've got a good relationship with them, but it should be my people responding." 

Fisher says as far as the new contract goes, he's happy for them.

He says everybody needs protection. 

We haven't heard from Trans-Care about this situation.

News 10 will continue to update you as we know more about this contract.

Trans-care did post on their facebook Tuesday night 

Fisher says people in the city and county will get the care they need.

He says no matter what they're all in the business together and they all have an end goal, taking care of the community. 

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