'They swept the dirt under the rug' woman says church, county officials hid abuse

Some of the children claiming they were abused, took their concerns to church leaders on a state level. One claims a former United Methodist reverend was physically, sexually and emotionally abusive to her.

Posted: May. 15, 2019 6:28 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - Glenn Cardwell was the director of child welfare in Vigo County in the late 1970s. He said he made it his goal to get Ival Lane removed from being in charge of the Glenn Home child care facility, but he said after that happened, the children still had issues.

"They came over and talked about how Ival Lane was still interfering with their lives," Cardwell said. He felt there was more to do because Lane was still ordained through the United Methodist Church.

Some of the children took their concerns to church leaders on a state level. One of them you've met before, Alice Whalen-Barrett. She claims Lane was physically, sexually and emotionally abusive to her.

She said she told that church leader everything that happened to her.


"We got in the car and he said, I believe you. We're going to look into this," Whalen-Barrett said.

She said the church told her they would investigate Lane. When that was over, she received a phone call.

"He said, well, he admitted to some. His papers of ordination have been revoked. Now the church believes we have to pay for his counseling for a year and I'm thinking you've got to be kidding. There were no charges. There were no consequences," Whalen-Barrett said.

News 10 asked her what exactly he admitted to. Whalen-Barrett said she was told he admitted to sexual abuse. News 10 checked it out as well, and information was hard to come by.

That state-level church leader she'd referenced has died.

So, we reached out to the executive assistant to the bishop of the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church.

We asked what information the church had on Lane.


We got a response saying, "Our records indicate that he (Lane) discontinued his relationship with the United Methodist Church in 1982. We have found no records related to why he left Glenn Home or why he discontinued serving as a pastor for the United Methodist Church."

Then we reached out again, asking specifically if the church had gotten Whalen-Barrett's complaint back in the 80s, or if there was any record of complaints against Lane.

This was their response in part,

"When we receive a written formal complaint we follow the process as outlined in our book of discipline. There was no complaint against Ival Lane received."

News 10 told Whalen-Barrett about this, and she said she believes it's a lie.

Lane died in 2008. He was never convicted nor charged with any wrongdoing for his time at Glenn Home.

For Whalen-Barrett, it's an injustice. She even calls out Cardwell, saying he should take some responsibility.

"They swept the dirt under the rug. The county allowed him to resign. There were no criminal charges there was nothing. The Methodist Church. There were no charges. There was nothing," Whalen-Barrett said.

However, Cardwell said he was on the side of good. He said within a year of getting there, he'd removed what he says was the biggest threat to the kids' safety Ival Lane.

"I think it's the most important event of my life," Cardwell said.

Again, Lane's family is denying any wrongdoing on his behalf.

If you know of any abuse that happened at the Glenn Home or anywhere else, please submit your story to the link on this page.

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