'There's kind of a gray area...' the food and beverage tax in Vigo County takes full affect this weekend

Eating out in Vigo County is going to cost you a little more starting this weekend. The Vigo County food and beverage tax will start Saturday.

Posted: Aug 30, 2018 7:27 PM
Updated: Aug 30, 2018 7:56 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -- Grabbing food while you're out and about is going to start costing you a little more after this weekend. That's as the food and beverage tax goes into effect on Saturday. 

At the start of July, the Vigo County Council voted unanimously for a 1% tax increase on food and drinks in Vigo County. 

That tax will apply to any food or beverage that you buy at any restaurant in the county. It will also apply to places like Baesler's Market. 

If you purchase food from their hot bar, which already has a sales tax on it, you will be charged that extra tax. It's the other things in Baesler's that are causing questions for the managers and owners. 

"As of right now, we're still trying to figure out what all we need to add the extra tax to," Casey Baesler, Manager of Baseler's Market in Terre Haute. "In some of the letters that we got said you don't add it to anything that's not already taxed. So, there's kind of a gray area." 

Baesler said that since the salad bar is cold it doesn't have the sales tax on it already. 

"So that's where kind of the gray area is trying to figure out exactly what to add that 1% tax to and what not to," Baesler said.

Baesler said they've been in contact with the Indiana Department of Revenue and their personal pricing coordinator to try and get to bottom of it and figure out exactly what is and isn't taxed.

While they're still unsure what will be taxed in the store, across town restaurants like Cackleberries know exactly how the tax will affect their customers. 

"It won't affect us much. It's just a penny," Timmy Popoff, Manager of Cackleberries said. "I don't think it will be that big of a deal. It's not like we're gonna have to jack the prices up on anything." 

He said customers probably won't even notice a difference. 

"Everything will stay the same. It's okay it's a penny," he said, "It's not gonna kill them, a penny, but it's all right." 

All the money that the county will collect from this tax will go to help build the new Convention Center in Terre Haute. 

"If it helps Terre Haute get a new convention center then we're for bettering Terre Haute," Baesler said. "You're gonna have people that are upset about it, but before long it'll just be normal for everybody." 

The tax only adds 1 cent to every $1 that you spend.

So, if you're lunch is $10 then you will pay an extra $0.10 in tax on your lunch. 

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