Terre Haute woman works to find closure after her dad disappeared in 1984

A Terre Haute woman is working to keep her father's memory alive, 35 years after he disappeared.

Posted: Sep 18, 2019 6:26 PM
Updated: Sep 18, 2019 6:30 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - A Terre Haute woman is working to keep her father's memory alive, 35 years after he disappeared.

When she was just eight-years-old, Missi Lydick lost her father. Now, she has made it her mission to find him.

In her search, she has reviewed decades of newspaper clipping and court documents.

"I love him, I miss him...I wish he was here to help me," Missi told us.

Her father went missing on September 18, 1984, when he and his friend Gary Landsaw reportedly went to Paris, Illinois.

They never returned home.

The suspicion is they were victims of violent foul play related to a drug deal. No bodies have ever been found, no murder weapon...and the only two people tried to the case were both acquitted.

Now, on the anniversary of his disappearance, Missi is looking for closure.

"It gets a little harder every day for me, not knowing and always wondering," she said.

She came to News 10 to try and keep his memory alive and to remind everyone, in her mind at least...this case is still open.

"Whenever there's a...you know, something comes on the news where they found remains, ya know, my breath stops. My heart skips a beat, and then I'm shaking and it's every time," Missi said.

Her father has a headstone with other family members at a cemetery in Prairieton, but because his remains were never found she told us she has little reason to visit.

Her wish is that someday she can put her father to rest with his family and put her mind to rest once and for all.

"I'm very angry but I'm hurt even more because I don't know. I just feel like I missed out on so much, ya know, throughout my life without having a father," Missi said.

She asked for our help in getting this case reopened.

Indiana State Police Investigations Commander Jason Fijt told us they worked the missing persons case from the beginning, but in January of 1990, a judge declared Ronald Gilbert legally dead.

16 years later, two Edgar County men were tried for murder.

On December 5, 2000 brothers Herbert and Jerome Board were found not guilty of murder.

Missi wants the case reopened, hoping new technology might help find her dad.

Indiana State Police and the Edgar County Sheriff's Office told us without a body or murder weapon...they have very little to go on.

"I know somebody knows something, even if it's just where a bone is found...anything. Something so I can have some closure, so I can put him where he needs to be, with his headstone," Missi told us. "I want people to remember to know that I haven't forgotten that he's still in my mind all of the time."

For now, she says she will hold on to the few photos she has and never give up hope.

If you know anything that may help her find her dad, she's asked that you reach out to her on Facebook. You can find her page here. 

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