Storm hits some communities harder than others

Weekend thunderstorms brought flooding, downed limbs, and lots of debris across the Wabash Valley

Posted: Jun 11, 2018 6:47 PM

CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI) - A weekend of severe weather means clean up once the weather breaks.

Limbs were down all over the city of Clinton, Indiana.

One of those limbs hit a little too close to home for local resident Jim Hendrix.

"Just then a car went by, and about a second after the car went by, a big tree limb fell out of the tree outside and just missed the car, and if it had been a minute earlier or a minute later, those people would've been seriously injured or maybe killed."

Hendrix owns the 9th street general store in Clinton.

Although his store didn't take any damage, he says this tree has been a problem before.

"This is the second one. And that's the reason I was so happy to see the mayor come out because chances are, the third one, and there are two more giant limbs up there that could come out at any time. It could hurt someone, or at the very least, do several thousand dollars damage to the building."

Once the limbs broke off in the storm, part of the road was completely covered, making already hazardous travel almost impossible.

"It covered the entire north lane going north. Now the south lane on 9th Street was somewhat covered, but the north lane was completely covered with a tree, which the base was about eighteen inches around and probably weighed seven or eight hundred pounds."

But the good news is, Hendrix has nothing but praise for the people cleaning up the damage.

"They're making plans to take this tree out. This is the second time we've lost a big limb on that tree. It belongs to the adjacent property, but it's a safety hazard, and they made an assessment of it, and they're going to take the tree out because of the danger."

Which just goes to show how helpful neighbors can be after a storm.

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