Pothole season is back and it's already causing headaches for Terre Haute drivers

One road in Terre Haute it essentially falling apart. Here's why drivers are concerned and how the city plans to fix the issue.

Posted: Mar 25, 2019 6:52 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) -- If you drive Hulman street at all in Terre Haute then you know just how bad the road can be.

Potholes, standing water, parts of the road are falling off little by little.

Couple all of that with a heavily traveled two-way street and for many, it seems like a wreck waiting to happen.

Stacey Dorman lives just off of Hulman on Rice Ave., one of the areas that need a lot of attention.

"As you can see I mean people are trying to avoid as much as possible but it's not always that easy, Dorman said. " I mean it's kind of like a traffic hazard situation. I mean you got people going out and around the potholes and people with oncoming traffic have to stop abruptly which can cause, you know it's just a hazard all around."

Not only do many believe is it an accident waiting to happen, but they also say it's clearly not good on your car.

Jo-ann Price also lives off of Hulman street.

She said she would love to see the road get back to how it used to be so she doesn't have to worry about her car every time she leaves home.

"We're taxpayers and we would like to be able to safely drive our vehicle without any problems. Popping a tire or misaligning our vehicle," Price said.

The people who live around this area say driving Hulman every day makes them nervous.

These potholes put wear and tear on their cars.

A lot of people said they've called the city to ask them to fix it, now it seems the city has heard them!

But it's going to take some time.

Chuck Ennis a city engineer said this area is number one of their list. 

Ennis knows people are saying the issue is becoming a traffic hazard.

"We definitely need our roads fixed I mean not only you know you can see definitely right here is a little detail just right here in front of this area, but it goes I mean all the way down past Fruitridge," Dolman said. "Even you know to try and get around it so yeah it definitely needs to be fixed."

Ennis said they will be re-paving the road and doing shoulder work as soon as they can schedule with Wabash Valley Asphalts.

He said the asphalt plant will open in one week and there may be other projects for the company.

In the meantime.. city crews will continue to patch the potholes as best they can.

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