Pets and cold weather

As temperatures are dropping, we need to pay a little extra attention to our furry friends.

Posted: Oct 25, 2018 5:46 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Temperatures are dropping here in the valley, which means we need to ay extra attention to our pets, especially if they live outside.

With many nights getting below the freezing mark, things are getting harder for our pets.

Sarah Valentine workd for the Terre Haute Humane Society. She says there are a few simple things we can be doing right now.

"One of them is just making sure they have proper shelter. The first thing would be putting straw in a dog house. If necessary, it acts as an insulator, helps keep them warm."

But she says they also need more than just a warm place to sleep.

"Making sure that you're properly feeding them and giving them water in the morning and the evening so their water is not frozen."

Valentine says there are a few signs they will show which means they need a little extra help.

"So they may just be laying around more, you may see a change in their eyes, they may be a little glazed over. If they're not really eating or drinking, those are signs that you're going to want to get them at least inside, if not to the vet."

And as seasons change, we need to keep in mind just how hard these cold temperatures can be.

"This is the transitional period, so we have to be paying attention, being mindful. You know, it's warm during the day but then the evening, sometimes we may forget about that it's getting pretty cold out."

And being prepared now will make it a habit once winter decides to settle in.

Many of these items can be purchased from any store, but it can also be as simple as giving them an old blanket from in your house, and a small roof over their heads.

And remember, if the weather simply gets too bad, just bring them in for a night.

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