'...someone could, you know, be seriously injured or be killed.' Old, collapsing building leads to issues in small Illinois town

A building in Casey, IL is collapsing into an ally and it's starting to raise concerns.

Posted: Jul 15, 2019 4:05 PM
Updated: Jul 15, 2019 6:41 PM

CASEY, Ill. (WTHI)-- An old building in Casey, IL is falling down by the minute.

Some tourists in town told News 10 it's becoming an unflattering landmark.

The summer brings many tourists to Casey, IL.

Sherri Wait and Sarah Reid are passing through on their way to California.

They've noticed an unpleasant sight while in Casey. 

"I don't really wanna look at that you know it kinda keeps me just in one particular area," said Wait. 

The building started collapsing Sunday.

The roof was the first to go. 

"It looks like the whole building could come down at some point," said Jerry Self.

Self owns a few businesses off the main street, not too far from the collapsing building.

He told News 10 seeing this raises safety concerns.

"It's actually pretty scary to think that someone could you know be seriously injured or be killed," said Self. 

Chief of police Mark Jenkins says everyone should be cautious, especially tourists. 

You could put your self in serious danger if you're not careful.

"They wander all over the community which is great but at the same time you want them to stay away from an are like that were somebody may get hurt, " said Jenkins. 

the city is discussing if they should tear the building down completely, or if it's salvageable

Self has his mindset.

"I think it's gonna have to be taken down at least the back part of the building most likely the whole building," said Self. 

The future of this building will be discussed at the city council meeting on Monday night.

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