Off the Beaten Path: Old treasure brought back to life in Pleasantville

One Wabash Valley Community is embracing an old treasure being brought back to life.

Posted: Feb 22, 2018 7:29 PM

PLEASANTVILLE, Ind. (WTHI) - One Wabash Valley Community is embracing an old treasure being brought back to life.

You can stand near the highway in Pleasantville, Indiana and rarely catch a car.

The trees still, the tractors stopped - a feeling that the only thing moving is time itself.

"I grew up here, lived here 30 years, I've moved almost two miles up the road now," said Lonnie Todd, Jefferson Township Trustee.

But Pleasantville pride billows through the air.

"Keep it alive, keep it alive, it's a historical place and I’ve put a lot of time in it, so have my friends and we just don't want to see it go."

The old gym sat empty for year.

"I was telling everybody they just well tear it down, it was in that bad of shape then and I’m amazed at how he has brought it back," explained David Hale, 1962 Pleasantville graduate.

Now folks like Hale beam at the restoration.

"It kind of always was the life of the community and it's kind of like reviving it and bringing it back."

"The people that's here have a lot of pride in our buildings and what we have left. This is the biggest thing we have left in this town and they don't want to let it go."

From elementary practices....

"The look on their face is priceless, the first time they walk in everybody is looking around, and they can't believe the ceiling. They love it, I mean they just love it."

To a makeshift morning meet and greet.

"I still have a group of older guys that come in every morning for a cup of coffee. Every single morning at 5:30 this place has got a coffee pot going."

From the original button beaten seats, to the ceiling arched over the reflections in the hardwood.

The Pleasantville gym is back.

"I have come to all the events I can get to just to hear the noise in the gym again, basketballs bouncing."

An iconic snapshot of Hoosier hysteria....

"This is what everybody remembers, you know the start."

Is now here to stay....

To learn more about the gym, call (812) 878-3761 or click here

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