Oaktown sees spike in home break-ins

Oaktown officials are holding a meeting Thursday night to address the break-ins

Posted: Dec 27, 2018 4:42 PM
Updated: Dec 27, 2018 6:52 PM

OAKTOWN, Ind. (WTHI) - Eight to ten burglaries in just a number of weeks. That's a big number for a small community like Oaktown. It has residents like Samantha Gutzwiller concerned.

Gutzwiller says, Iit's starting to get really bad because it's to the point where my ex's family does not want to even live in town anymore. They're wanting to go to Bicknell or Terre Haute."

Knox County sheriff-elect Doug Vantlin says the crimes began just about a month ago. He says those break-ins have been occurring at night.

Vantlin says, "Right now garage burglaries and we've had some in churches. There was one weekend we had three churches broke into."

Vantlin says not much has been taken during the break-ins.

Vantlin explains, "The detectives are working on it. The way it's been going we're kind of looking towards younger people. Maybe some youth in the town."

The investigation continues on the break-ins.

However, town officials are going a step further Thursday night. The town is hosting the sheriff's department for a community meeting. The goal...come up with a plan for a community watch program.

Vantlin says, "Myself and sheriff Morris is going to go over and talk to them about how to implement that and what they're looking at and what we need from them and what they expect from us."

Vantlin says a community watch program for Oaktown would simple. Giving the community eyes and ears during crucial hours of the night.

Vantlin says, "It would involve at least two people and they would work in shifts at night. They would just patrol the town on their own. And if they see something they would call us or call central dispatch."

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