New solar farm in progress in Clay County

Efforts to "go green" continue in the Wabash Valley. That's with the addition of a solar farm south of Staunton in Clay County.

Posted: Dec 18, 2018 6:58 PM

STAUNTON, Ind. (WTHI) - Efforts to "go green" continue in the Wabash Valley. That's with the addition of a solar farm south of Staunton in Clay County.

Cypress Creek Renewables is the company behind the project. The farm is a more than $6 million dollar investment in the area. In total, the project has created over 50 construction jobs

Company officials say once the farm is completed by the end of this year, it will provide enough energy to power more than 500 local homes and businesses.

Duke Energy has partnered with Cypress Creek Renewables for the project.

The company shared a statement saying: “Cypress Creek is thrilled to be making this important investment and excited for this project to come on-line, which will generate enough clean energy for over 500 local homes and businesses in the area for years to come. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the local utility (DEI) and all of the community leaders for making this project a reality.”

District Manager for Duke Energy, Rick Burger, says in the Wabash Valley there are already 3 solar farms online. He says they’re located in New Goshen, Brazil, and Sullivan. He says they’re roughly 5-megawatt farms.

As it turns out, that's not the only green effort Duke Energy has been working on!

Burger explains, “Duke Energy is investing 11 billion dollars, billion dollars, 11 billion over, since 2017 to 2026 in cleaner, renewable resources."

Burger says the company has many more ways than the solar farm that they're working to be environmentally friendly.

He says, "We've reduced our carbon dioxide fleet by 31 percent since the 2005 level, so that's a drastic number of reducing the carbon out there."

Also, how the company responds to your electricity needs is becoming greener too.

Burger explains, "We have hybrid trucks, line trucks, service trucks. I drive a hybrid car, it's a Duke Energy car. Plug it in at night, you could, and we do."

While Burger is proud of Duke Energy's efforts, he wants to challenge folks at home. He says there are many ways you can get in on this green movement too.

Burger says, "There incentives out there if you put higher efficiency electric or air conditioning units. There are incentives that you get from us too. And if you're a business too, there's energy assistance dollars out there that you can get too." 

There are several other ways you can go green year-round. To see those, click here.

Burger says with so many solar farms in the area, it can provide a unique opportunity to local students.

He shares, "Educational. I think that our doors would be open along with the partner that built them too, to have colleges, high schools, field trips to solar farms. How neat is that to have something right at your back door to educate students on renewable resources?"

If you'd be interested in setting up a field trip to one of the sites, contact Duke Energy.

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