Locals raise concern over Wabash and Blakley Avenue intersection

The biggest concerns revolve around the turning lanes. The westbound right turn lane is only long enough for a hand full of vehicles that puts drivers in harms way.

Posted: Dec 27, 2018 6:46 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- Java Haute sits walking distance away from the Wabash and Blakely Avenues. Many regular customers have to deal with the intersection every day while others like Jann Speidel try to avoid it entirely.

"So I'll go a long way around instead of messing with that. Plus it takes a long time so it’s easier sometimes actually. The longer way seems to be the shorter way sometimes,” said Speidel.

The biggest concerns revolve around the turning lanes. The westbound right turn lane is only long enough for a hand full of vehicles.

There's also a no turn on red sign. It all results in vehicles sitting at a dead stop in the middle of the road. Marcus Maurer is Assistant City Engineer and says its an intersection they have looked at a lot.

"It's a tough intersection because they have a lot of big trucks in that turn lane that turns north to go to the industrial park and those vehicles can use up a lot of turns," said Maurer.

The engineering office says not much physical work can be done. That's partially due to a receding wall along the road.

The engineering office says they are adding an upgrade to the intersection’s lights to the Transportation Improvement Plan. This would allow the city to set up different timers at the intersection during the day.

"The long-term fix would be a signal upgrade. It's a little broader scale and it would encompass all of our signals. I think for the short term we can try to get the timing right and do the best we can to figure out something there to keep everyone moving," said Maurer.

Officials aren't sure when a new traffic light system may be bought. As for the no turn on red signs the engineer's office told News 10 the signs are to make sure traffic flows safely.


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