Local school helps duck walk again

The industrial arts students at Effingham high school applied their skills to help out a local family.

Posted: May. 7, 2018 7:39 PM

EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WTHI) - It's not exactly what you'd expect.

Yes, this duck is a household pet, and its life was turned upside down in an accident.

"Well, the duck lost its whole bottom of its foot and wasn't walking. It was hobbling around, but it really was not walking."

Aflac the duck was in an accident at home causing him to lose his right foot.

When the owner reached out to the industrial arts teacher at Effingham high school, he and his students came up with a way to help.

"She went to the veterinarian to see what they could do to help out, and she recommended that she got ahold of the high school students to make a ducks foot."

The students learn about and use 3D printing.

They make a model of the foot, then the piece is made out of hard plastic.

"It will last forever. Yeah, it's plastic, so, it's not gonna wear off or anything like that."

And Totten says being able to help on something like this makes everything worth it.

"Very rewarding for the students. Because, not only are they gonna see it on the news, social media has been a huge hit. We've had all kinds of people look at it. We're over five hundred thousand viewers on this duck."

And in time, Aflac will get used to his new foot.

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