Kind gestures in full bloom

People are honoring fallen THPD Officer Rob Pitts in many ways. Several people are turning to flowers, and kind words.

Posted: May 7, 2018 7:06 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - People are honoring fallen THPD Officer Rob Pitts in many ways. Several people are turning to flowers and kind words.

News 10 spoke with Molly Barrett, the owner of Maggie and Moe's Poplar Flower Shop.

She says, "From a wind chime to a stone to a plant all the way to a fresh floral arrangement just really lets them know that you're thinking of them and really trying to help them get through this tough time."

Calls to place orders to honor fallen Officer Pitts have been flowing into the flower shop since Saturday morning. Barrett says each arrangement is a labor of love.

She says, "It kind of hits a little closer to home when something like this happens. My brother-in-law is a sergeant with the Terre Haute Police Department, and his wife is retired from the Terre Haute Police Department. We have a cousin in the state police department. So we know a lot of them we know a lot of people in the law enforcement family."

The flower shop's prep room was a sea of white and blue. One special piece stuck out as support came from many miles away.

Barrett shares, "We had received an order from the New York Yankees. Just sharing their sorrow and condolences to the Pitts family. That is something that as I’ve done a little research is something I believe is standard practice for them. They want to make sure that people know it touches people outside of where we are.”

Barrett adds 1500 white carnations were requested of another company for Pitts' services. She says her shop and others have offered a helping hand to fill that large order.

Barrett says, "We wanted to make sure that on short notice the wholesalers we work with would be able to deliver that many flowers in one particular color to one place. We all use different suppliers, so we wanted to say, 'hey if we can help you by getting a certain number of them let us know, give us a call'. We've done that with a couple of others, and that's just kind of the community we have in the floral industry."

Growing closer together in partnership, to back the blue.

Barrett says, "Officers risk their lives every day and we just want to recognize that."

Barrett says they are working to get arrangements in Officer Pitts' honor delivered as soon as possible. She says the earlier you are able to place your order, the better.

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