'It will be ran correctly, it will be taken care of,' Bethesda Cemetery receives new leadership after years of complaints

Community members of West Terre Haute have taken a stand against the Bethesda Cemetery board. Tuesday night, concerned families gathered to share their thoughts on the on-going conditions. What started as an informational meeting, turned to a change of leadership. News 10 spoke with the newly elected individuals on their plans for the future of the cemetery.

Posted: May 15, 2019 6:40 PM

WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- Concerned families of West Terre Haute have taken a stand against the Bethesda Cemetery board.

News 10 recently shared that community members gathered Tuesday evening to share their concerns for on-going conditions of the property. 

Families who have loved ones buried tell us the grass is overgrown, plots are mistreated and items are often stolen.

Another major concern is centered around the former President, Bill Mclain.

During the meeting, members unanimously voted Mclain out of his position and elected Mike Grayless to take over the role.

Families tell us it's a long overdue change and it's in honor of lost loved ones.

Several other individuals were hand-picked to fill a board of trustees and they told us it's their mission to do what's right for the living and the lost.

"We have to step up for these people, they have loved ones out there, as I do too. I think it should've been taken care of a long time ago," said Hobie Roberts, a newly elected board member.

Lila Elkins agreed with Roberts, "I feel like it's an honor..things out there have been so bad for so many years, I believe we got a good group in there and things are going to change. It will run correctly, it will be taken care of."

President Mike Grayless has already set forth motion with a clean-up in the works and it's scheduled to take place prior to Memorial Day.

In the meantime, members are trying their best to undo the damage that was done with the former President.

"That's where my family is buried and they deserve a lot more respect than they're being given right now and hopefully this new board we can do that," said Grayless.

At this time Mclain will be served a notice to hand over the books to the new President and board.

The board will then turn those books over to be audited.

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