ISU's Community Garden dealing with bad weather season.

We stopped by ISU's Community Garden to get an update on how they're doing on this planting season.

Posted: Aug 18, 2019 11:40 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)-- Its been a difficult year for Wabash Valley growers.

We saw lots of rain early in the season, but later the weather dried up for a significant stretch.

It's been a long gardening season for Edith Campbell.

She came out on Sunday to check on her plants.

"I thought I was going to put mulch down but it's too wet"

She told News 10 this has been one interesting season.

Campbell says weather hasn't been good to gardeners this summer.

There was so much rain in the beginning plus a drought towards the later months stunted the growth of many plants.

Campbell said she just has to roll with the punches.

"You can't control it so you just, it is what it is you learn to just accept things as they come, " said Campbell. 

"This is part of the problem with a very hot dry summer," said Patti Weaver, the garden's manager. 

Patti Weaver says this is the second-worst year the garden's had in its 12 years.

She took us through the garden to see some of the bad areas.

Some of the plants didn't make it through the season.

"We're not getting produce like we should be. we've had a lot of failure in fruits set the plants have been doing ok it's just the fruit set has been a real struggle," said Weaver. 

Campbell says this year has taught her a valuable life lesson.

"You know it's not about me it is what it is you just do the best you can you're thankful for what you do have not for what you don't have," said Campbell. 

Weaver told News 10 she tells every gardener at the beginning of the season, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


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