'I need to worry about my son's health conditions...not the issues with the road.' One Parke County family reacts to poor road conditions

A local family reached out to News 10 after they felt their concerns weren't being heard. News 10 investigated the situation to see how bad they really were.

Posted: Mar. 1, 2019 8:30 PM
Updated: Mar. 1, 2019 10:21 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- Road conditions are less than ideal for families living in Parke County.
A local family reached-out to News 10 after they felt their concerns were not being heard.
Danny Beasley and his family have lived on this property for years and moving isn't part of the plan due to their son's serious medical conditions.
After an accident a few years ago.. his son Jacob, was never the same.

"He cannot walk, he can't eat by mouth so basically all he does is sit by me or lay on the couch," said Beasley.

Statement from Lyford Fire Chief Mark Maden

(The) Lyford Fire Department has never had any issues responding to any emergencies in the trailer park. Lyford Fire Department would like to assure all residents in the Tuberosa Trailer Park and any of our other areas in our coverage area that all fire and rescue emergencies will be handled without any delay due to road conditions.

With his conditions, Jacob has roughly "82" seizures a day and when they're bad..he must be rushed to the e.r. in order to stay alive.

Ambulances avoid driving on this road near Beasley's house because of the conditions.

"My focus is my son. I'm not worried about the people around me. I could care less about them... my main concern is getting him the first responders, the medical attention he needs when he needs it," expressed Baesley.

Beasley says he has tried everything from using a tractor to maintain the area to contacting city officials.

"I fixed them before. I owned a tractor, I kept them up and when this happened with Jake I had to sell it to help pay medical bills," Beasley told us.

We talked with the president of the Parke County board of commissioners Jim Meece who tells us the road in question is private.

Therefore, the roughly "60" homes that use that road are responsible for fixing it.

He says the county maintains the road right off of highway-41. and they do this to ensure safety for all motorists.

So as for the stretch of roadway in question, it is not the county's job to maintain it.

In fact.. state law prevents the county from working on it and this would put the responsibility of fixing the road back on the homeowners like Danny Beasley who does his best to make it better.

Meanwhile, Beasley is hopeful for change. 

Beasley said, "Uh to somebody to see him..and feel the way i do..if it was there son, if they lived on the road that emergency vehicles couldn't get back to him in time...what would they do?"

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