Local drivers share their concerns for an increase in gas prices

Crude oil prices have gone up to $60 dollars a gallon, according to the Wall Street Journal. Locals are seeing an impact on their wallets first hand with the increase in gas prices. We spoke with several locals to hear their thoughts on the prices.

Posted: Apr 11, 2019 7:10 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- Crude oil prices continue to climb, putting costs of gasoline at a higher price in the area.

According to the Wall Street Journal, major providers like Saudi Arabia, have decreased exports on oil.

Oil currently costs about $60 dollars a barrel.

In the area, regular gas is at an average of almost $3 dollars a gallon.

News 10 spoke with local drivers in the area to see how the increase is impacting their wallets.

For students like Sean Dawson, the uptick in price is not helpful for his current financial situation.

"Wow I can't afford that, that's pretty expensive for someone who doesn't make a lot of money. I'm a full-time student, paying for gas that's $3 dollars a gallon that's like crazy for someone who doesn't have a lot of income," said Dawson.

Randy Wallace is also a local driver who agrees with Dawson's concerns.

"We can't save money because of these prices I mean this is our livelihood driving vehicles so we have to go from place-to-place and get from place-to-place so it's gonna be tough on every family," said Wallace.

The high prices are not only impacting drivers but also, local business owners like Paramgit Mawi.

He owns Maui's Stop-N-Shop on 3rd street.

"When our people that we compete with raise, we raise. We don't like to but we have to because if we don't we can't stay in the business," said Mawi. 

Mawi told News 10 that the high price steers customers away from coming inside and buying things from their convenience store. 

"When the price goes up to us we have to raise it. It's unfortunate but it's bad on the consumer and it also hurts us because when people need to fill up their tank they run out of money at the pump and they don't have enough money to spend inside," said Mawi.

Overall, the high price of gasoline seems to have locals worried about what they can and cannot afford.

Mawi told us he's hopeful the prices will come down soon, but there is no way of knowing for sure.

In the meantime, an app called Gas Buddy shared in a recent report that the worst days to fill your tank are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

That means if you're looking to fill your tank anytime soon, it's best to do it during the week.

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