Hutsonville schools partner with Amazon to provide computer science courses

Hutsonville schools will begin a computer science course next school year thanks to Amazon.

Posted: Mar 1, 2019 6:33 PM

HUTSONVILLE, Ill. (WTH) - K. T. Nessly is a junior at Hutsonville high school.

Nessly says, "When I was a freshman I was in school in Florida and we had an ap computer science class that I started taking before we moved."

Nessly moved to Hutsonville where the class was not offered.

Nessly says, "I enjoyed learning about the coding. I wish that the school that I moved to would have had an ap computer science. They had a similar course it just wasn't like the ap."

Thanks to Amazon students like Nessly will soon have a course to take at Hutsonville.

Hutsonville technology specialist Barbara Webster explains, "Amazon is going to fund around one thousand schools across the country. Which we're really excited that our small school was chosen."

The curriculum is provided through Amazon. Students go online to take the necessary courses.

Webster says, "We will also do some offline work. So if we're looking at a hardware concept then we will also do that and have something hands-on for them. We may also video conference in with some graduates from Hutsonville who are in the telecom field."

Giving small town students a chance to get a big city education.

Webster explains, "It's huge for us. We have not had a program in class for years."

Nessly continues, "I'm pretty excited. I love learning about how things work and that is right up my alley."

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