Helping His Hands moving locations

The non-for-profit is moving into a larger facility in Vincennes.

Posted: Jan 11, 2019 10:15 PM

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) - Helping his hands in Vincennes has needed more space for some time.

Executive Director Scott Shipman explains, "I'd say for about three years we kind of joked about that a little bit. Just you know 'oh it'd be nice if this room if this room was a little bit bigger. Boy it'd be nice if we had a little bit more storage.'"

The organization provides a food pantry and other needs to the local community. Organizers also respond to disasters nationwide. This means helping his hands has a stockpile of goods on the ready when needed.

Shipman says, "For the last three major hurricanes we've taken a total of three semis to each of those disasters. That takes a lot of space for supplies."

Helping His Hands will now move into the old United Healthcare building on Willow Street. The new building will add space for storage. But it will also help the organization's services as well.

Shipman explains, "This is the auto ministry area. So this is where the garage door will be. And the cars can come in and we can basically put them in at an angle."

The new building is a big deal for Helping His Hands. The move came with help from the Bethany Christian church.

Shipman says, "They are expanding. They are putting a church campus here in Vincennes. And they are the ones who purchased the building."

The church will occupy part of the building. The rest is donated to Helping His Hands.

Shipman says, "The people that we've walked through the building to show say 'how in the world, people don't do that kind of thing.' they've never heard churches doing things like that."

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