Headstone for a hero; after his son died saving two people dad tries to give his son the resting place he deserves

Jerry Layton lost his son 4 years ago when he saved a boy from a strong current. Now, Layton is hoping to give his son the final resting place he deserves.

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 10:36 PM

WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) -- It's been about four years since Jerry Layton lost his son.

To this day his grave remains unmarked. The only indicator that it's there is a dragonfly light, an angel statue, and a small plaque.

It was 2015, the day after Father's Day.

Jeremy Layton and a group of people went to a place they call "The slab" in Illinois. It's a piece of land near a body of water. When a young boy in the group got caught in the current. Layton jumped in to save him, but he couldn't save himself.

"He died a hero. He saved two people, but he didn't make it," Jerry Layton, Jeremy's father said.

Now, years later, Layton's father Jerry Layton who's a disabled Vietnam vet himself is still paying for his funeral, he's also attempting to adopt his sons' daughter, and he's trying to save money to buy him a headstone.

"I don't know, it broke my heart when he passed and it's hard for me to get down here to his grave as it is, but I mean when I get down here most of the time I just see it, no headstone," Layton said. "I talk to him. Most of the time I have tears running down my cheeks."

Marking his son's grave is becoming his final wish.

"My time is running out and I just before that happens I'd like to make sure his headstone is there and his grave is marked," he said.

Layton said his son deserves better. He said it breaks his heart every time he visits and sees the unmarked grave in Bethesda Cemetery. 

If you would like to help Layton, he does have a Go-Fund-Me page. You can find that, here.

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