Harvest season will bring farm related traffic to area roads

In a few days many area roads will be busy with farm related traffic.

Posted: Sep 13, 2018 11:02 PM

Cory, Ind. (WTHI) - Many farmers will be returning to the fields this month to harvest area crops and transporting the equipment could create dangerous road conditions for other drivers.

A farmer News 10 spoke to says the key to driving around large farm equipment is patience. They say in a few days many area roads will be busy with farm-related traffic.

Driving around slow-moving tractors during harvest season is a part of local traffic. Many can get frustrated driving behind large farm equipment on area roads.

"We'll be out on the roads with really large equipment that moves really slow. You know a lot of the equipment you know 25-30 miles an hour is top speed" area farmer Dwight Ludwig says.

If you are looking to avoid driving around farm equipment farmers say there really isn't a time to watch out for. They say during harvest they work almost around the clock.

"Really long hours. You know as far as an actual "rush hour" so to say there really isn't. We're moving to different times and different places. There's not an actual time where there's more on the roads than any other particular time" Ludwig says.

He says to make sure you do not get too frustrated with farmers driving during the day or night. In fact, he says when meeting a large farm vehicle it may be best to get out of their way.

"Just patience on everyone's part on farmer's part. If everybody's patient if you see a place to pull off just pull off it's a lot easier to pull off the side of the road with a car or a small vehicle than it is with a combine," Ludwig says.

For farmers, harvest can be one of the busiest times of the year. Taking breaks and getting sleep should be a priority.

"Sleepy when you get worn out you make poor decisions you don't quite think as fast as you might when you are well rested so just take breaks and make sure you are getting enough sleep," Ludwig says.

While many farmers were delayed by recent rain harvest should be in full swing in the next few weeks. Farmers say this growing season looks to be a successful one.

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