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Four years later, local parents still searching for answers after their daughter was killed

While others are out celebrating Halloween, a Terre Haute couple will mark a tragic anniversary.

Posted: Oct 31, 2018 6:56 PM

CLARK COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -While others are out celebrating Halloween, a Terre Haute couple will mark a tragic anniversary.

Four years ago on Halloween, Kaylyn Whitaker lost her life.

What was originally called a suicide has since been ruled a homicide.

Four years ago, Dave Whitaker and Leslie Roberts got the news no parents ever want to get.

"We had two police officers come to our door, and we were informed our daughter was deceased," Kaylyn's mother Leslie Roberts said.

"I was sick. I fell to the floor...had to be picked up by an officer who was there," her dad, Dave Whitaker told us.

Her family said she had a boyfriend at the time she died.

In fact, her family said she died in his house while they were alone.

According to the Whitakers, the boyfriend's mother said Kaylyn shot herself.

Her parents don't believe that's how that happened.

"But later on, the investigators told us that they agreed that this is a homicide case," Leslie said.

That ruling didn't come out until nearly a year after Kaylyn died, which put investigators one year behind in their efforts to find her killer.

Her parents believe the boyfriend is the suspect.

"There are no witnesses. We don't know what his story is. They haven't told us. All we do know is they were the only two at the house. So, if it's not suicide...then it has to be a homicide," her parents said.

Illinois State Police called in some experts...including a woman from Oklahoma, who made an animated video showing that she was murdered.

The problem is, no jury has seen it and no charges have been filed.

So we went looking for answers.

News 10 has made repeated calls to the Illinois State Police, the Clark County State's Attorney, even the Illinois Appellate Prosecutors.

So far, nobody has returned our calls.

Her parents came to us to get the story out about their daughter...hoping someone, somewhere, has the information investigators need to bring her killer to justice.

If you have any information in the case, contact Illinois State Police or the Clark County State's Attorney's Office.

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