Former Vigo County Welfare Director speaks on decades old abuse claims

Many people thought of Glenn Home in Vigo County as a safe haven for kids, but those who lived there, share rumors of a dark past.

Posted: May. 14, 2019 6:35 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - Many people thought of Glenn Home in Vigo County as a safe haven for kids, but those who lived there, share rumors of a dark past.

Alice Whalen-Barrett said those claims aren't rumors but are very real experiences.

"He had his gun in one of his hands, and he laid it down and climbed in the bed, and I began to scream," Whalen-Barrett said.

She said it happened while she was there during the 70's under Glenn Home superintendent and United Methodist minister, Ival Lane.

Officials have been silent about any of those claims until now.

Glenn Cardwell welcomed News 10 into his home on his birthday. He wanted to give something he'd been holding on to for 40 years.. what he says really happened at the facility.

Cardwell's history with Lane goes back to 1977. That's when a board selected Cardwell to be director of child welfare. He oversaw the homes for orphaned children, making him Lane's boss. He said he saw immediate issues.


"I ran across two or three kids that had been placed there in first grade and were still there as seniors, and with my background, in child welfare, and beginning to know those kids, I saw no reason under the sun that they should've still been there," Cardwell said.

He also said he started hearing some disturbing claims against Lane, and the home.

"One rumor was that Lane was watching girls shower and saying it was ok because he was their father...
He was doing things to kids. He was a pastor and doing everything the opposite of what a pastor should be doing," Cardwell said.

He said he took his concerns to a judge.

"His (the judge's) response back to me was 'Cardwell is starting as many rumors as Lane is,' " Cardwell told us.

News 10's asked current Vigo County attorney Michael Wright about that judge and that conversation. He said the judge is deceased, and that such a conversation would not have been recorded.

Meanwhile, Cardwell said he took another route, sending in his most trusted caseworker. He said she found conditions not suitable for kids. We checked and found that caseworker has died.

However, we were able to find articles detailing issues with the building with heat and leaks in the ceiling.
It was enough for Cardwell to give Lane strict guidelines... something he said hadn't previously happened.

"The door I saw open was case management. Carrying out case plans with individual kids and insisting on it that they happen, and they happen in an orderly way, which is an indirect way of blowing up his world," Cardwell said.

It all came to a head when Cardwell said Lane skipped a required meeting.

"I said there's no excuse. You know, you're going to meet with me, and I think it was the same afternoon he went to all of three television stations and resigned."

With that, Ival Lane was out in 1978, but Cardwell said the story doesn't end there.

Reverend Ival Lane died in 2008. His family has denied any wrongdoing on his behalf.

News 10 hadn't to this point heard from the United Methodist Church, where Lane was a reverend, but that would change.

We'll have reaction coming in the next part of our special report.

Meanwhile, if you know of any abuse that may have happened at the Glenn Home or any other child home facility, send us an email at 

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