Food truck ordinance proposed in Vincennes

A new ordinance hopes to regulate food trucks in the city of Vincennes

Posted: Jul 6, 2018 6:22 PM

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) - Downtown Vincennes is a busy place these days. That's where you'll find Thainamite.

Owner Simon Willis says, "We decided to branch out and open an actual restaurant kind of helps us during the winter when it's cold out."

Thainamite is currently a brick and mortar. But their history is in the back of a truck.

Willis says, "With the truck, it's definitely you're out and about getting to meet people and shaking hands. It's a completely different experience with the brick and mortar where you're stuck in one place."

Thainamite's truck still gets out and about. Now may be affected by a new Vincennes city ordinance.

City councilman Brian Grove says, "It's basically an ordinance regulating food trucks. Where they can be. Standards that they have to meet before they can sell on city property."

Grove says the city is just trying to keep up with a changing industry.

Grove explains, "This is a huge growing industry. If you let it get out of hand there's no control at all."

Grove says the ordinance was brought up after he and his family proposed an idea.

Grove explains, "My family came up with the idea of doing a food truck night. Once a week once a month something like that. Just to get the ball rolling. And brought it to the city council."

Hoping to have a solid foundation before a food truck night begins.

It's something that Willis hopes brings more growth to the city.

Willis says, "I'd like to see it broaden even further than food trucks. With other vendor types out there. Artists, bakers, anything else like that. Selling t-shirts and what not. We could have a night market out there really."

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