Fire department gets new submersible

The Vincennes Township Fire Department is implementing a new submersible.

Posted: Jan 2, 2019 6:24 PM

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) - Fire trucks sat outside the Holiday Inn Express Wednesday morning. But it was raining, not an emergency, that brought firefighters to the hotel.

Sergeant Logan Adams says, "It's able to narrow down a general area of where the person or the car or whatever might be. And then we can go in from there."

Adams has been with the department for over eight years. As a member of the department's dive team, he will work for hand in hand with the new submersible.

Adams says, "It's like playing a PlayStation. Literally, the controller is a PlayStation two controller. The right one controls the horizontal movement forward back left right. The left one is up down."

The controls are simple. A front and rear camera display what the sub is seeing. A readout displays depth and water temperature. Showing divers what they are dealing with.

Adams says, "It's interesting working with. I mean you work with it in the pool it's a little different mindset then you get it out in the river. As long as you keep track of where your lines are and that sort of thing."

One person controls the remotely operated vehicle. Another handles the sub's control lines. Divers can follow those lines in to quickly get to the target.

Deputy chief Eddie King says, "Helps with the safety of our divers. The less time we can have our divers in the water you know that's one less risk we've got to deal with. Even with it, it has the GPS capabilities so that we can pinpoint coordinates where we are actually at. And then we can send a diver down to the area to locate."

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