Family raises concern for curve on Indiana State Road 157

Matthew Beatty, his brother, and a friend were driving home from a basketball game. That was until they reached a turn where they were t-boned. Now the family is seeking changes be made.

Posted: Feb 14, 2018 6:26 PM

WORTHINGTON, Ind. (WTHI)- On December 1st, 2017 Matthew Beatty, his brother and a friend were driving home from a basketball game. That was until they reached a turn.

"I broke my big toe on my left foot, my right ankle, I fractured the left side of my hip and I got a gash on my forehead," said Beatty.

Another driver t-boned Beatty. It took emergency crews an hour to cut him from the wreckage. Since then Beatty has been recovering.

Now his mother Melissa and the rest of his family has begun reaching out to the Indiana Department of Transportation. They're seeking changes to make the curve safer.

"We called INDOT and a very nice lady answered the phone, took the information down we haven't heard anything from them," said Melissa Beatty.

Their voices aren't going unheard on the road. INDOT has been monitoring the road since 2010. Workers have checked out all the customer services request sent to them.

Jason Tiller works for INDOT in Southwestern Indiana. Tiller says even though there are no upcoming changes for the road it is still under their radar.

"For this particular location, for now, we are looking to keeping the signage up. Rumble strips are a possibility in the future that we are looking into for sure. Then there are other solutions. Anything that the public wants we will look into," said Tiller.

Until then the Beatty's say they are going to do what they can to inform the public. They're encouraging safe driving to make sure everyone gets to their destination safely.

If you would like to let INDOT know about a road condition that needs addressing please follow the link here.

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