Earthquakes in the Wabash Valley

Earthquakes are not very common here, but they can happen just as easily as they do out west.

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 5:46 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - While we don't see earthquakes very often here, they can definitely happen.

The most recent quake in the Illinois/Indiana area was back in 2017.

It was a 3.8 Magnitude quake in southern Illinois.

The earthquake you probably remember best was back in 2008.

That year, a 5.2 magnitude quake hit Mt. Carmel, Illinois.

That's a pretty big earthquake, and people as far north as Michigan, and Wisconsin felt the effects.

In the same day, there was also a pretty big aftershock.

The best way to describe how earthquakes happen is with a sidewalk.

The cracks in the sidewalk are the fault lines, and the rest of the sidewalk represents tectonic plates.

These plates either push against each other, slide past each other, or pull away from each other at the cracks.

This causes an earthquake.

When a quake happens, if you are outside, or inside, stay put.

If you are outside, get away from buildings, or power lines.

If inside, stay in bed, or try to get under a desk, or a table.

Earthquakes are one of the hardest natural disasters to predict, simply because sometimes, there's no warning.

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