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Details on proposed budget cuts for Vigo County School corporation

In a public work session, Vigo County School officials met with the school board, members of the public and some staff to talk about specific phases of proposed budget cuts.

Posted: Nov 4, 2019 10:34 PM

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) -- Vigo county school officials are digging deeper into where they will make budget cuts. Tuesday. folks who live in Vigo County have the last chance to vote on a referendum to support Vigo County schools.

That referendum would determine when cuts need to be made for the school. Monday, members of the school board, community members and some staff met to talk about those cuts.

Monday night, the public meeting a few things concerning budget cuts were brought up.

One was alternative education the other was the transportation cuts.

Monday leaders explained that there are 5 components to the alternative education. School superintendent Rob Haworth said this is all about educating. Educating the board and the public about what the school corporation is working on.

This alternative education would include the closing and consolidation of the McLean Educational Center. It would be combined with Booker T. Washington and the Vigo Virtual Success Academy.

Haworth also explained again the transportation plan. He has proposed that the school wait 1 more year to buy new school buses. That will save them more than $1 million but just for that year.

They will have to make the purchase eventually, but it will buy the corporation some time. This is all to help with budget cuts for Vigo County Schools.

But nothing can be done until the school board takes action.

"When you look at phase one those are the 2 that I would say are the cornerstones of that phase in terms of starting to see savings," Haworth said. "So, it is important, I believe, that we hear from our board in relationship to those 2 things." 

Haworth said when the proposed cuts will happen depends on the results Tuesday night.

If the schools' referendum does not go through he said these cuts will have to happen a lot quicker than expected.

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