Dangerous heat not stopping Clinton Grand Prix

Dangerous heat is threatening the Wabash Valley, as several events are proceeding but not without serious caution.

Posted: Jul 20, 2019 6:25 PM

CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI)-- Despite the brutal heat some still ventured out to enjoy some weekend events like the Clinton Grand Prix.

Nothing could keep Cameron Parr off the track Saturday.

He's one of the many drivers at the annual Clinton Grand Prix.

"You know the speeds of the tracks the different ways the streets are it's a challenging experience," said Parr. 

The city of Clinton has been turned into a race track.

Yet, the drivers are facing another challenge...the deadly heat.

"When you're out on the track you know it might be 115 degrees by yourself but when you're out here and you're also battling the heat here it's hard to stay cool," said Parr. 

"It can get very dangerous."

Brenda Vorek is a paramedic.

Many first responders are on high alert because of the heatwave sweeping the Wabash Valley.

"There is a cooling tent it's pretty cold in there it's nice, and then we're here to kind of check for signs of heatstroke heat exhaustion the difference in that and keep everyone safe," said Vorek. 

Some fans stayed in the shade with lots of water and wet towels.

Chris Hicks wasn't going to let the insane heat ruin his family weekend.

"We've been asking for this summer weather and, you know I'm excited to be here it's gonna be a fun day," said Hicks. 

Parr knows exactly how he'll be spending the rest of his Saturday.

"Once I get done today I'm gonna get in the ac because it's way too hot for me," said Parr.

If you missed the Grand Prix on Saturday, There will be another race Sunday starting at 12 pm. 

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