Crawford Memorial hosts Stop the Bleed training

Training is engineered to teach residents how to help in emergency situations.

Posted: May 23, 2019 5:57 PM

ROBINSON, Ill. (WTHI) - It was a stormy Thursday morning in Crawford County. But that didn't stop residents like Jim Rogers from attending Stop the Bleed at Crawford Memorial Hospital.

Rogers says, "My wife and I are both retired and we're always looking for things to be educated about and to know about."

Curiosity may have brought some of these residents through the door. But they left the hospital with life-saving techniques.

General surgeon Preston Reilley explains, "The time when an injury happens to the time a person passes away is not great. And there may not be time for a paramedic to come to take care of that person that's bleeding."

Residents were taught the "ABC's" of the Stop the Bleed program. These letters stand for...alert 911...find the bleeding...and compress.

Reilley says, "Sometimes it's as simple as just putting a little pressure on an area that is bleeding. Sometimes the wound is deeper than that and needs to be packed with gauze or shirt or whatever you've got."

Reilley says the stop the bleed program has already helped in emergency situations. One example was during the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Reilley says the synagogue had taught classes before the shooting.

Reilley says, "When they had the shooting at the synagogue three of the patients that were taken to the hospital went with properly placed tourniquets."

Equalling three saved lives.

Rogers says, "I think this program here has some great potential for the community. Every community as far as that's concerned."

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