City crews work to repair potholes around town

Terre Haute city crews spent Monday fixing potholes around town. This comes as good news for many drivers, especially Nikki Waller. She's had her fair share of experience with rough roads.

Posted: Feb 4, 2019 5:44 PM

TERRE HAUTE Ind. (WTHI)-  If you've been driving around Terre Haute recently, you've probably noticed more potholes.

You may have also witnessed crews out and about filling them all day Monday.

Nikki Waller has lived in Terre Haute for 12 years.

She's no stranger to what potholes can do if you hit them with your car.

"Down by the grain mill ok there's a deep hole I hit it about a year ago and it put a hole in my gas tank. You hit it you bend your wheels whatever you know stuff like that, you can do a lot of damage to your car," said Waller.

She said in the past year, she's seen more potholes than before.

"This is ridiculous you know. They're all over town," said Waller.

Waller isn't the only one that's noticed more potholes popping up around town.

Michael Johnson has worked for the Terre Haute Street Department for six years.

He said this winter has caused more potholes than in the past.

"This winter they were definitely worse than last year because it's been a lot colder and there's been you know more rain and snow and that will definitely make a difference," said Waller.

He said the work they did Monday is only a temporary fix.

The real solution comes in the summer when they can pour asphalt.

"We use what's called a cold patch. We do warm it up a little bit so it will fill the holes easier, but it is a temporary patch. It's actually made to be put in and then being able to take it back out to put the permanent patch in it," said Waller.

Whether you come across a pothole or one that's already been filled, it's important you're paying attention for the sake of your vehicle.

"Go slow and go around it," said Waller.

If you do see a pothole, crews said you can report it by calling 311.

Street crews start filling potholes on main streets first and then work their way to side streets.

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