City crews and volunteer organizations take to the streets of Terre Haute for spring cleaning

Spring cleaning season is here. For some, that means cleaning the streets of Terre Haute. The Trashbaggers Society is targeting Old Maple Avenue, while city crews hit several locations around town each day.

Posted: Apr 10, 2019 6:56 AM

TERRE HAUTE Ind. (WTHI)-  It's that time of year to start spring cleaning.

For some, that cleaning isn't just limited to their house, but rather the streets of Terre Haute.

The Trashbaggers Society is hard at work cleaning up the streets, one day at a time.

Kelly Dumas is part of the Trashbaggers Society.

It's a group that goes around Terre Haute to pick up trash along the streets.

One recent cleanup project has inspired the group to start another.

"As we drove out to Hawthorne Park, we saw all of this mess and we thought is this what we're supposed to be bagging? Or are we supposed to be bagging at Hawthorne Park? Something has to be done about this," said Dumas.

That area is Old Maple Avenue.

The Trashbaggers noticed a lot of trash in the area, that's why they plan a group cleanup soon.

These volunteers aren't the only ones hard at work picking up trash around the city.

"I've got three people out everyday doing this. We pick up I would suspect somewhere between 10 and 12 tons of trash a week," said Duke Bennett.

City crews target a new area each day to pick up trash.

Mayor Duke Bennett said there's just too much space to clean, and not enough manpower to do it.

That's why the city relies on volunteer groups like the Trashbaggers for help.

"No community just hires you know 50 people to pick up trash. I mean you just simply can't afford it, but if you can supplement some city resources with those volunteers you can get a lot more work done in a quicker time frame," said Bennett.

Dumas said she hopes people start taking pride in their community.

"You know there's no reason for people to just toss it out the window, and that's a lot of what we see and a lot of what we pick up. It's very frustrating," said Dumas.

A reminder, if you see trash alongside of the road, the city asks that you call 311 to report it.

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