Charitable haunted house provides scares while giving back to community

Don't let its purpose for charity fool you.

Posted: Oct 19, 2018 5:40 PM

CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) - It's scares for charity.

Every dollar made at Terror Mansion in Brazil goes to helping Christmas In The Park, the group provides a variety of holiday-themed events to the community, including the Snowflake Pageant. 

"A lot of things that happen in this community are actually funded by this haunted house," said Manager Megan Hawkins, "So we like to say that this holiday is feeding the next holiday."

Don't let its purpose for charity fool you, volunteers say the house, which was built in 1893, carries an eerie back story.

Hawkins says the house was built by a doctor who ran a family practice. Back then, Hawkins said, it was not uncommon for doctors to have a spare bedroom in their homes for patients.

"If someone couldn't make it to the hospital, you know, due to weather or cars weren't invented back then," she said, "Then you would just stay the night. With this house having over 100 years in history, it's bound to have a death."

Along with its unique history, Hawkins said every craft and prop you'll find inside is either handmade by volunteers or donated from people in the community.

This year, there's a new addition to the mansion, and Hawkins says it's one you'll have to see for yourself to believe.

"We have a very, very cool prop that was donated to us that is 100 percent real," she said, "We have a sign up above it that says it's real, and some people don't think that it is. She's my favorite thing in the whole haunted house."

If you scare easily, volunteers recognize two codes that indicate your level of scare. 

"Code Red is if someone is getting so scared that they're kind of violent, or they're getting punchy or they're threatening whatever on our actors," she said, "It's not because it's them, it's because they're scared. So they know Code Red."

"Code Yellow, on the other hand, is if someone has peed themselves," Hawkins added, "and this particular season we've had three Code Yellows, one per weekend!"

Terror Mansion is open every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of October from 7-11 p.m.

They're also open the first weekend in November for the blackout experience. That's where people can experience the mansion without lights.

"This is the first year we're doing that," said Hawkins, "It's going to be terrifying because I've been in here when the lights aren't on, and it is real spooky."

In addition to that, Terror Mansion also hosts the Little Monsters Ball, where younger kids can experience the haunted mansion in a kid-appropriate way.

"We take all of the scariest parts out, we leave all of the good stuff in," she said, "and you can trick-or-treat between each of the rooms rather than be terrified."

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