Candidate for municipal election is found to be a convicted felon, now he's working to get convictions expunged before election day

Ryan Carter is running for city council at large for the Terre Haute municipal election. After he'd already filed for candidacy and made it on the ballot, it was discovered Carter has two felony convictions on his record. Now, he's going through the process to get them expunged.

Posted: Mar 6, 2019 10:47 PM
Updated: Mar 7, 2019 10:50 AM

TERRE HAUTE Ind. (WTHI)- Some have said mistakes always come back to haunt you, but one man is doing his best to keep that from becoming a reality.

We're talking about Ryan Carter

He's running for Terre Haute City Council at Large.

The problem is, Carter is a convicted felon.

He was charged with five felony convictions back in 1996.

Carter received the five felonies for possession of stolen property.

Some of those charges were dropped, but he currently has two felonies on his record.

They weren't found until after he had already filed for candidacy.

Now, he's doing everything he can to get them removed from his record.

Ryan Carter is currently one of seven Democratic candidates on the Terre Haute municipal election ballot.

He filed back in January for city council at large.

Carter said he discovered two felonies remain on his record.

"Four weeks ago a job did a background check but and it came up that I still had that felony, but in this whole entire process, I've had jobs that run backgrounds, nothing. I have two gun permits, nothing. I've voted, nothing," said Carter.

Brad Newman is the Vigo County Clerk.

He said even though it's illegal to hold office as a convicted felon since Carter is already on the ballot, there's nothing the city can do.

"The challenge deadline has already passed, and when the challenge deadlines passes he's on the ballot," said Newman.

Now, Carter is working to get the felonies expunged from his record.

"I hired an attorney, and it's filed. It's under the case, you can look it up. I'm just waiting on the judge to sign it, and let's get it over with," said Carter.

It's currently pending in Marion County.

Newman said now they're just waiting out the process.

"There's seven people running. You pick three from that seven and they'll go on in the process. If he would get past the primary and the conviction isn't expunged by election day, he'll have to be removed from the ballot," said Newman.

Carter said he doesn't want a mistake from 23 years ago to ruin his goals now.

"I'm going to be the proof that no matter what if you got a felony or not, you should be able to do whatever you want in life," said Carter.

Newman said Carter is not the only candidate who has received a felony.

He said Robert "Superman" Hamilton has already gotten a conviction expunged from his record.

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