CSX releases report on Princeton train accident

CSX has released its findings on a train accident that occurred on June 17th in Princeton Indiana

Posted: Sep 13, 2018 4:32 PM
Updated: Sep 13, 2018 6:43 PM

PRINCETON, Ind. (WTHI) - Just before 7 pm on June 17th a train accident occurred just south of Princeton. Like most residents, Mayor BradSchmittt was winding down a relaxing weekend.

Schmitt says, "I was actually at the movies with my family. And the lights went out and the movie went down and power out."

Power was restored quickly. But Schmitt's night had just begun.

Schmitt says, "I got a text within probably three minutes of the power going out and saying that there's been something happening from our police chief."


According to a report from CSX 24 cars had derailed. Of those 24, eight were carrying hazmat materials.

CSX reports that two cars carrying liquefied petroleum gas released over 50,000 gallons of the fluid. CSX reports there was 1.5 million dollars worth of damage to equipment.

Despite the damage, no injuries nor loss of life was reported. Schmitt says this was helped by a well-trained response team.

Schmitt says, "We have meetings and they do practice for catastrophic events. And so when something like that does happen, things went probably better then we could have hoped for."

Three months later the mayor says the city has learned lessons from the event. However, he believes his team handled the event well.

Schmitt says, "It's a matter of getting down to business at that point in time. Everybody did their job. Knew what they had to do. But was also very open to taking directions as well from CSX."

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