'Buster' teaches Oblong students school bus safety

A group of bus drivers helped bring school bus safety awareness to Oblong junior high students.

Posted: Apr 4, 2019 5:01 PM
Updated: Apr 4, 2019 6:05 PM

OBLONG, Ill. (WTHI) - Payton Akers is an eighth grader at Oblong grade school. He's one of the last students to be picked up on the way to school. But that doesn't mean he lets his guard down.

Akers says, "When I get on the bus I always hold my little brother back just in case someone doesn't stop for the bus."

Akers keeps an eye out on his eight-year-old brother.

Akers explains, "I sometimes worry that we might get hit because some people don't stop."

That's a problem that some bus drivers from Crawford County are concerned about.

ROE 12 unit 2 bus driver Sheryl Lytle says, "If you're in doubt don't. I mean it's not worth having to live with that forever. That you thought 'oh I'll go by it'll be ok.'"

A group of bus drivers is taking action by bringing Buster to students. The remote controlled bus teaches students how to act while they're on the bus.

Lytle explains, "Our drivers are doing the best they can. If they behave on the bus it's less distraction and makes it easier for us."

It also teaches soon to be drivers how to act when they see the flashing lights.

ROE 12 unit 2 bus driver Beth Clements says, "It's not hard to see the bus. When you see the lights just stop. Regardless of what color, if they're yellow or they're red, you never know when someone is going to step out in front of you."

Using working lights and stop arms to demonstrate good driving habits... They're hoping to keep the roads safe for students like Payton Akers.

The group will bring "Buster" to any school. To contact Unit 2 about buster call (618) 544-8715 and ask for Bonnie or Angie.

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