Breakup may have led to woman's murder, police standoff

A woman told a friend she had broken up with a man suspected in killing her and could be at the center of a 20 hour standoff with police.

Posted: Mar 7, 2018 8:04 PM
Updated: Mar 8, 2018 12:22 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - The man police named as the suspect in Monday's shooting incident on Putnam Street in Terre Haute has a lengthy criminal history. Also, a man has been arrested by Terre Haute Police for lying to detectives about what happened that afternoon.

Tersh Scamihorn, 44, will be charged with False Informing when he returns to court on Monday, March 12th. We obtained a copy of the probable cause affidavit filed in his case.

On Tuesday the 6th, Scamihorn requested to speak with detectives about the shooting. Scamihorn indicated to police that he has only been at the home at 2124 Putnam a short time. He also said that he was speaking with Ronald "RD" Lawrence when someone knocked at the back door. Scamihorn said he answered the door and was brushed aside by a man with lots of tattoos who went by "Mikey." Scamihorn said RD and Mikey began arguing, so he left as he wanted no part of it.

It was after he left the home Scamihorn told police he heard shots fired, so he left the residence. Scamihorn said he was not aware that a woman was at the house.

Lawrence told a much different story from the hospital on March 5th. He said Scamihorn and another man came over that day to help him move. Amanda Kerns came later that morning to talk to Lawrence. She told him that her ex-boyfriend, Mikey Reynolds, had threatened to kill her because she had broken up with him.

Lawrence said he answered the door, not Tresh. He also said Reynolds fought with him upon entering the house and shot him. As Lawrence tried taking the gun from Reynolds, he was shot two more times, including once in the back. Lawrence was making his way out of the home when he saw Reynolds go into the bedroom where Kerns was. Lawrence told police he heard several gunshots from that room.

Lawrence said he saw Tersh was driving in his pickup with another man when he asked them for help and that he had been shot. Lawrence then said Tersh drove away, forcing Lawrence to seek help from a neighbor. He did see Reynolds get into a gold Saturn and drive off from the scene.

Kerns died as a result of this shooting. Coroner Dr. Susan Amos said she died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

So far, police have only confirmed that Mikey Reynolds, 36, is the suspect in the shootings that killed Kerns and left Lawrence critically injured. Police Chief John Plasse did tell us they suspect Reynolds is the man behind the 20 hour standoff with police between two homes: Reynolds's home on First Avenue and another home on Fourth Avenue. 

Reynolds has a lengthy criminal history, including three crimes that left him incarcerated.

In January 2000, he was arrested after a botched armed robbery attempt at a home in northern Vigo County. He and another man dressed in black and wore ski masks. The homeowner told police she recognized Reynolds by his eyes and voice.

He was also armed with a rifle. A man who lived in the home tried taking the weapon from Reynolds, who fired several rounds inside the home, striking no one. Reynolds and his accomplice left with nothing, however, they were arrested a short time later.

According to records from the Indiana Department of Corrections, Reynolds served time from September of 2000 until May of 2005 for burglary, attempted armed robbery, and criminal recklessness charges.

He also served time for a 2014 conviction for Dealing Methamphetamine. In 2011, he also spent considerable time in jail awaiting a charge of possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon. The case resolved with Reynolds being sentenced to time served and probation. 

Reynolds was also on probation at the time of the shooting on Putnam Street. In fact, Division 5 Judge Michael Rader issued a warrant for the arrest of Reynolds in December of 2017. Reynolds was accused of violating the terms of his probation.

According to court records in that case, Reynolds tested positive for methamphetamine four times during November and December of 2017. He also tested positive for opiates in November. Reynolds' probation officer also said he failed to show up for urine screens four times in those same two months. Reynolds also missed an appointment with the probation officer on December 6th.

According to Reynolds' Facebook page, he and Kerns started dating not long after his second release from prison in January of 2016. Kerns indicated on Facebook she ended the relationship on March 1st. She also said she "hadn't felt this happy" in months. 

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