Both Vincennes and Knox county approve funds for facade matching grant

The city and the county have been working in turning the Pantheon Theater in Vincennes into a small business startup center. Before that point they needed to apply for some grants.

Posted: Feb 7, 2018 6:45 PM

VINCENNES, Ind, (WTHI)- Attic Salt Boutique has been open less than a year. The business has had a great start so far but there were some road bumps for owner Kristi Morron.

"Well, it’s something I always wanted to do. No business background what so ever. Some things were done through trial and error that maybe if I would have had someone to bounce it off of would have been answered quicker," said Morron.

That’s why the city and the county have been working towards turning the pantheon theater in Vincennes into a small business startup center.

Before they can get to that step they have to do some renovation work. Starting with both sides approving funds. That is because Knox County is applying for a facade matching grant.

It started Monday when the Vincennes city council approved $27,000 to help cover the grant. Then Tuesday the Knox County Commissioners did the same.

Mayor Joe Yochum says that Knox County is applying for the grant since the city just recently received a similar grant for other businesses on Main Street.

"They would be the lead applicants and then we would just support them and then participate by paying half of the match," said Mayor Yochum.

Now even though both sides did approve funding for the grant. That's doesn't mean an interlocal agreement has been met yet for the theater and it still makes take some time.

"The interlocal agreement I think is in the process. I think we've pretty much got everything worked out so I’d look for that in the next few weeks. And this interlocal agreement is just to get it in place to oversee the operation and stuff for that building."

A building that everyone hopes will help small businesses in the community and even though it may mean a little more competition, Morron is excited to see this joint effort.

"And not just us but just small businesses period. You know, see Main Street grow and it’s good to see and it's so nice to have that backing from the community."

The urgency of both sides approving these funds is because the grant is due by the end of the week. If received it will be for around $500,000.

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