Below freezing temperatures put water pipes at risk

The Wabash Valley has seen over two weeks of freezing cold weather. Not only are people trying to keep themselves warm, they are trying to prevent their pipes from freezing.

Posted: Jan 5, 2018 8:53 PM

TERRE HAUTE, Ind, (WTHI)- Melissa Reed came to her house Wednesday to a water disaster.

“I opened my door water was like spewing into my house from the wall," said Reed.

A small pipe near the outside of the house had a hair like crack. It was big enough to cost her a hefty bill to help fix and clean up their house.

"I called a plumber right away and they came and shut off the water. It happened from a very small crack in a very little pipe that was on an outside wall," said Reed.

B&S Plumbing and Heating says they have had nearly 30 calls for frozen or busted pipes. It's the most calls they have had for the issue in over five years.

Luke Stewart with the plumbing frim says there are ways to protect your pipes. The best option is to insulate them but there are other options.

"Better off cracking your vanity door by letting some heat in there. You can also open your faucets and barely let them drip out to keep water circulating so your waters not standing still," said Stewart.

If trying to thaw out the pipes yourself they say be careful not to use things like space heaters. Instead, use something like a hairdryer.

"A lot of the guys just use blow dryers, to be honest with you. Just to get it to break loose but safety issue blow dryer is probably your best bet," said Stewart.

For Reed, she says this is a bit of a learning experience but from now on she is going to pay a little more for her utilities to prevent future disaster.

"I think I would rather pay for those extra dollars on a utility bill than have this happen," said Reed.

B&S Plumbing also suggests insolating any draft ways you may have in your house. This will help prevent pipes under your house from freezing.

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