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Army at Crane is hiring new employees

Army operations at Crane are looking to hire new civilian employees.

Posted: Apr 26, 2019 7:20 PM

CRANE, Ind. (WTHI) - One-quarter of the Department of Defense's munitions is stored by the Army at Crane Navy base. Part of the process to care for this stockpile is to inspect ammunition. That's where you'll find Paul Mizell.

Mizell says, "You know as I grew up, I didn't, we could hear the blast from the demo range from where I lived. But that was the only interaction with Crane that I even knew of."

When it came time to search for a career Mizell knew right where to look.

Mizell explains, "There was a job posting online and I wrote on the job and applied. And was able to get the job."

Mizell's story isn't rare. In fact, civilians have their hands on nearly every aspect of keeping the Army's ammunition ready to go.

Colonel Michael Garlington says, "I have two military, active duty military folks on my docket. Myself and a marine gunnery sergeant and that's it. Everyone else is a civilian employee."

Work includes everything from weapon inspection, storage, renovation, and decommission. It can be a dangerous business. However, leaders on the base say they take every step to ensure everyone goes home safe.

Army project engineer David Peel says, "It's important enough that anybody here sees anything unsafe at any given time they have authority to shut the line down."

On top of safety, the busy base is looking to fill even more positions. Making it even that more important for area students to consider their future now.

Garlington explains, "We need that labor force in order to do this. And not just physical labor but we need those mental aptitudes, the engineers that are ready to come into here and set up a line. Figure out problems."

Giving folks a chance to help support their nation's military.

If you're interested in a career at Crane Army Ammunition Activity: Click Here

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