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Top Headlines for March 22nd

Posted: Mar 22, 2019 9:03 AM
Updated: Mar 22, 2019 9:03 AM

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Parents and school staff say they’re frustrated over a dangerous crosswalk in Vigo County. Just this month, police say they’ve ticketed more than 30 people outside Fuqua Elementary. In our last half hour, we told you how police say drivers are disobeying the crosswalk. When school is just beginning and letting out for the day, the lights flash red, signaling drivers to come to a complete stop. So many complaints have been coming in from bus drivers and schools about drivers not paying attention. Superintendent Robert Haworth released a statement. He said they will continue to work with local law enforcement to address the alarming number of distracted drivers and stoplight violators. He says in many ways, this situation is similar to the crisis in Indiana regarding bus stop arms. Currently, the state is examining its traditional practice regarding bus stop arm violators and asking what more can be done. He says we need to be doing the same thing if a child get hurt. Terre Haute Police plan to patrol the area if that’s what it takes to decrease the number of tickets.


Police say they know the source behind a spike of drugs in Vigo County. Four people are facing charges this morning. Police arrested Dyllon Ware, Maizie Rogers and Levi Dowden. They each face 18 different charges, including dealing in several different drugs. Police also arrested Orville Anderson, Jr. He faces charges of Possession of a Firearm by a Serious Violent Felon and Drug Possession, among several others. Just yesterday, police got a warrant after they say they figured out the source behind several of those drugs. They arrested the group at a trailer on East Quinn Avenue. Police searched the home and found several guns, dogs and a laundry list of drugs inside. Police say tips from the community said the four knew the gummies would land in the hands of students. SUPT. HAWORTH COMMENTS ON ARRESTS Superintendent Robert Haworth gave us a statement in regards to yesterday’s arrests. In it, he praised local police for their thoroughness in the investigation. Haworth said the school corporation has been cooperating with police over the last several days, and they’re happy an arrest was made.


A man accused of child molestation was found not guilty of all charges. It’s a story we’ve been following for you since 2017. Online records show Derek Boyd was arrested after several months of investigation. They say the allegations came from an 8-year-old. Documents described several sexual incidents in detail. The trial lasted three days.


A teenager, accused of killing another teen in a crash, could be waived to adult court. The prosecutor’s office had filed a waiver on the case, but his defense asked it be continued. The 16-year-old is charged with Reckless Homicide, Criminal Recklessness and Reckless Driving. Police say he was driving at the time of the crash on Valentine’s Day, killing 17-year-old Terre Haute South Student Jenna Perrelle. A hearing is set for April 18th.

VCSC PIO Position

Applications are coming in for a public relations position for Vigo County Schools. That’s according to Superintendent Robert Haworth. This comes after community conversation meetings highlighted a major need. It’s the need for a public relations, or marketing, person at the school corporation. Haworth told News 10 he’s launched a strategic plan to make that happen. He says it’s an important project because of the number of people the school corporation serves.


Illinois State Police warn you of the consequences after another trooper was hit by a car. A trooper and his squad car were hit while trying to slow down traffic. He is alive, but suffered serious injuries. This makes 14 incidents across the state involving troopers, with their lights on, since the beginning of the year. State troopers will now be cracking down even harder when it comes to violators on the road.


Work will begin Monday on a new public library in Loogootee. Officials broke ground on Thursday. The new building will provide more rooms for books and programs. The library’s current facility is a converted restaurant. Once completed, the building will be located in a residential area.


It’s a spring break trip that many consider out of this world! The Terre Haute Children’s Museum is letting kids explore the universe. That’s with Earth and science activities. It’s planned for next Tuesday and runs through Saturday, March 30th. Some activities will include take home materials.

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